One more working experience I want to share about the plug-In.

I wrote a plugin in which I used another Class DLL (Third party). Now build the plugin project and registered the Plugin DLL on my CRM server with the help of registration tool.

Now I did browse the CRM Organization and perform the required operation so that the plug-in code will get executed. Now I got the error by saying that the third party DLL which I used was not found / loaded.

To fix this issue I kept the other DLL in the CRM server GAC By using the GACUTIL registration command in the command prompt.

1) Open the command prompt and navigate to gacutil folder path.

2) execute the below statement to place the DLL in the GAC.

gacutil.exe /i c:\TestApplication.dll

Now once after this my application started working fine.

Hope this Helps! 🙂